Friday, April 20, 2007

Petting Zoo day

Beacon Hill Park boasts its very own petting zoo. There are baby goats, pot bellied pigs, miniature horses, donkeys, sheep, chickens, roosters, bunnies, guinea pigs, finches, and a wild assortment of other four and two legged friends. On Friday it was a Pro-D day here and so I thought we would go and check it out. We had a ton of fun, walked a bit around the Park, fed the ducks, saw a turtle, climbed a tree and basically enjoyed ourselves.

Above is a photo of Quinners and the arse end of a goat. Notice the attire, she is into the "hippy look" right now - so very West Coast and Island living - with pants and a skirt on. Love the accessories of the blanket and rubber boots.
Hayley grooming a goat.
A peacock strutting his stuff to all the peahens. It was hilarious to see him prancing around trying to get all the girls' attention, all the while not one was even looking at him. Typical in humans as well, if you don't believe me, go to any given nightclub here.
A turtle that has been a fixture of the park for many a year. I believe that he once started his life as someone's pet and was released into the water. He lives a happy life amongst the ducks and lily pads.


Lynn Barry said...

I looked at the cute pic of Quinnie and I admit I was drawn to the (clearing my throat)goat's behind. hehehe
I love your pics and your blogging delivery. HUGS

Anonymous said...

LOVE Quinner's outfit. It's such a fun place isn't it?? Didn't know there was a turtle there though! Where is he???