Monday, February 19, 2007

A tribute to my East Coast readers

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the grass is growing - and my faithful readers in the East Coast cannot distinguish anything outside thier windows due to the VAST amount of snow they have. They are busy shovelling, moving, plowing, blowing, and cursing the snow strom that suddenly arrived at their doorstep. Let's be honest, that is only fun for the first day, then it gets old REAL fast.

So, in honor of the snow in other parts of the country, and over the boarder, we dressed up in all our finest mitts, hats, scarves and posed for a photo. Starring left to right, my daycare girl, Mouse, then Quinners in the middle, and Hayley on the right.

Enjoy the snow, it will melt soon, and you can get on with spring. Heaven forbid, was Mr. Groundhog wrong in his prediction?


Anonymous said...

LOVE those pics!!! I vow NOT to brag about any cherry blossoms, daffodil buds, or crokus heads popping up.

Lynn Barry said...

The pics are great! What adorable kiddos. It is 40 degrees here today and yet a week ago we were gearing up to get dumped on. ENJOY! HUGS

Melanie said...

You guys suck. Ok, you don't suck, our weather does. Perhaps I am a big jelous of you and the nice climate you have over there on the other side of the world! :(
Maybe I should move?

(the pictures are adorable) ;)