Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just two sleeps

I have not posted in a while as I am busy spending time with my family prior to the surgery on Friday. Everything is falling into place as well.
*cake ordered for Hayley's birthday celebration on Thursday night
*bike at shop getting a tune up (Hayley's present)
*other two pressies wrapped
*Schedule written for Earl in regards to all of Hayley's coming and goings
*rides all hooked up for two weeks of back and forth to school
*Quinners looked after on Friday
*Ipod all ready with new songs
*videos ready to watch
*Icepack in freezer
*same with veggie puree soup
*gingerale in fridge
*six nights of meals made for fam
*ride lined up for dental appointment on Saturday
*precriptions waiting to be taken
*new magazine in bag

Now I just need to adjust my brain, and loosen up and relax and all will be good.

Thinking of all of you. New smile on the way.



Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Mrs. Organized. You'll be fine. Good thing for drugs. Can't wait to see your new smile...although I sure did enjoy the old one.

the queen said...

thinking of you and can't wait to see your new choppers. It's so gonna be worth all the pain and disruption to your life.

Melanie said...

Also thinking of you here. I can't wait to "see" you, you'll have to make sure to post a pretty pictures for all of us Easterners to see.

Good Luck friend!!! (hugs)

Lynn Barry said...

YOU ARE AMAZING! I am honored to know such a great person. Doing all that ahead of time for the family. WOW!
I am wearing the croc-like shoes I got through AVON and yes, they are fabulous. I am a believer now.
Good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking about and praying for you.

Meesh said...

Thank you to all my well wishers. Makes it easier knowing I have thoughts sent my way.