Thursday, January 08, 2009

This is from two years ago - today

I found this older post, and so I thought I would see how I did in a the two years - the bold is what I do - did- or am in the process of doing....

I have been tagged, so here it goes.

1. hug my girls every day - yep, do this
2. have Hayley read to me each night - now it is chapter books!
3. listen, really listen... (I still interrupt, but am working on this....)
4. tell my loved ones how I feel (every day - they are grossed out about it)
5. embrace my Celiac, and know that it is a part of me (yep, this is done!)
6. tell my mom how I feel about how she raised me, she did a grand job and needs to know (yep)
7. get to know Roger's family ...(sure glad I did this, as we said goodbye to his dad and his sister in four short just NEVER know...)
8. plan our "day" the Vegas way (we planned our day different, got married in the house we bought, and would not change a thing!)
9. find the dress I love to wear that day (I loved my dress, it was ME to a TEE, and I wore it all night long!)
10. scrap book more (have completed three albums, numerous presents, and learned the art of card making.....thank you Jody!)
11. scrap less (as in fight, and sadly, I still fight, I just learned how to make up different.....both Roger and I disagree on things....)
12. talk to others how I wish to be talked to (I am working on this as well)
13. ask for help (I am asking, but more importantly, I am taking on less and enjoying life more!)
14. actually take an interest in GI Joes (god help me) (not so much....but I have learned to accept it)
15. get a tattoo (3rd one) (yep, on my wrist,it is a band and it says, "lover, daughter, mom, celiac, friend" - that about sums it up about who I am)
16. open my mind to new ideas (the Secret, Taoism, new authors, boot camp....)
17. hang out with Liz more (sadly, this friendship came to an end)
18. work less at Moxies (I quit!)
19. pay off a debt (we are debt free.....other than our 150K mortgage on our 325K townhouse)
20. walk to school with Hayley more (no walking since we moved to our new house)
21. learn to do the monkey bars with her (I can do this, and my chiropractor thanks me for the business)
22. learn to bake gluten-free (mastered this as well, with a new bread maker, Kitchen Aid and cookbooks....)
23. don't buy as many clothes (nope, still a vice...)
24. live simply (I would say yes, things don't make me happy, my family does.)
25. see more of my neighbourhood (we had so much fun exploring our new neighbourhood since the move!)
26. see more of my city (bus rides into the city only makes me see more homeless people....sad)
27. enrich myself in the arts (hmm, I have an artsy friend, we have new art in our house, does this count?)
28. deny negativity (positive thoughts bring about positive results and rewards....)
29. be an optimist (my wine glass is half full.....)
30. learn to smile again (my smile is perfect and I love how it affected my health and outlook.)
31. learn to love my hair (eek) (it has purple in it, and I get complimented on it all the time - thank you Holly!)
32. buy second hand when at all possible (yeppers)
33. denounce Walmart as an acceptable place to shop (we don't shop there anymore whenever possible)
34. support small businesses (we are trying to)
35. get to know my nieces (I love both Cadie and Emily, and I have a new niece or nephew coming in March!)
36. introduce Hayley and Quinn to their cousins (loads of times now - summers in Quesnel are the best)
37. hang out with Missy and Tanya more (they are still my fave, and both have added onto our family)
38. eat something new (we eat new things, but my fave "new thing" is goat cheese!)
39. date Roger (would he have to get to second base then?)
40. watch "Breakfast at Tiffanys" (did this too.....)
41. get a new digital camera (two in fact, and I love them both!)
42. buy a new piece of pottery from a Farmer's Market (mmmm, pottery, love it!)
43. buy Organic (we had a food box delivery of all organic once a month....)
44. eat more vegetarian food (funny, this is still a goal....)
45. hike Mt. Finlayson (nope, not yet, but did Mt. Tolmie twice in boot camp....)
46. camp ONCE in a tent with the girls (nope, not yet)
47. visit Tofino again (sadly, no)
48. be pampered at the spa (regularly now....)
49. have my taxes done by an accountant (have to with the home based business...)
50. potty train Quinn (omg, this is sooooo done)
51. ride my bike with Hayley (yep, and I pull Quinn in the chariot behind)
52. beat ROger at bowling on the Nintedo Wii (and hula hooping, and Wii fit....)
53. build a deck out back (our new house has a deck! and we spend a lot of time on it)
54. cherish friends (I can honestly say I do this....)
55. ask for help (learning....)
56. learn to not be embarrassed about my teeth (they are fixed, and I love them!)
57. paint our bedroom (in the new house, we have painted everything!)
58. go to Saxe Pointe and take photos ( pretty!)
59. savour an ice cream cone (well, not the cone per Se.....)
60. worry less (should I be worried about this?)
61. laugh more (yep, every day!)
62. let loose (on the dance floor? in the bedroom? I was not sure where I was going with this one?)
63. be slow to anger (I think so.....but I have less to be angry about)
64. drink tea more, and coffee less (but but coffee is so good....)
65. friends : re-unite myself to them (I have new friends, and I love them, as well as my cherished old faithfuls....)
66. be a better friend (I think I would say yes, I am a better friend, as I am older, wiser, and am surrounded myself with great friends to role model after!)
67. skate with Hayley (still don't like this, but I have done it!)
68. read "All the Hippos go Berserk" every night to Quinn (her fave) (we read, and she knows this one off by heart!)
69. go to Fairview (still not yet....)
70. plan our summer holiday (holidays every summer!)
71. smile, with my new smile (check, done this!)
72. hold hands with Roger more (but his hands are clammy.....)
73. run the Garden City 10k (or at least run) (running lots, and loving it!)
74. roller blade (not so much....)
75. forgive Earl (yes, and my counseling bill is here to prove it)
76. file for divorce (done)
77. scrapbook my album about me (done)
78. update my will (done)
79. recycle more (boring, but done)
80. drive less (absolutely not, still the only one that drives in this family!)
81. listen to more music (does Hannah Montana count?)
82. update my Ipod (yes, and it is rockin' music!)
83. learn to live on a budget (sort of....)
84. BUT - buy some kick ass shoes (still looking for that pair...)
85. be happy with what I have (very)
86. increase Celiac awareness (yes, I believe I have done this)
87. volunteer more (yes)
88. go to the library more (yes, currently have overdue fines as well....damn budget)
89. get to know Hayley at school (love her teachers, they are great!)
90. garden again (this is also true!)
91. ask my mom to help me with my flowers (work in progress, but I am interested)
92. take more photos (gawd, yes)
93. in turn - scrapbook the memories (well, I am not caught up, but am doing this!)
94. play silly games (like hula hooping on the Wii?)
95. have a manicure and pedicure before the summer (yes!)
96. go to the movies (we try to go more, Roger still has me beat on this one)
97. pay a babysitter (we love Emma!)
98. love myself (I can say I do, I love me!)
99. love my partner (we said our "I do's" and I meant it!) he is my best friend!
100. love my kids (but not during the "witching hour" please?)
101. forgive, forget, move forward (what is true in biology is also true in life, if it is not living it is dead)

I have done well in two years!

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