Sunday, January 11, 2009

Forever Sundays...

Sometimes I wish that the weekends would not end. Sometimes. This weekend was one of those times.

So often I go through my weekends as busy as I spend my weeks. Doing laundry, going to "activities", driving to the grocery store, cleaning, paying bills, not sleeping know the change from Monday to Friday.

This weekend, however, seemed different. I still did all the above "stuff", but managed to fit in a movie on Sunday afternoon with a friend, some time on the computer, some time reading, and a trip to the gym. Even with all this, it did not seem busy. It seemed, somehow, right.

Roger and Mel were busy with the bathroom renovation (photos on facebook) and I just busied myself with the other household necessities. Maybe it was because I knew that Roger was busy doing his own thing, the pressure was off to entertain.....maybe.

Maybe it is because I felt no need to do anything. No housebound cabin fever. No restlessness shopping need. No "burning a hole in my pocket" to spend money. Just contentment. This weekend was bliss.

Now, how to carry it over into the week and I would have the full answer to the question.

Until then, let it be Sunday forever.

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