Friday, January 16, 2009

Dust squared

So in a weak moment, Roger and I decided to re-do our very outdated bathrooms. They had yellow rose tiles, and pee stained floors, peeling doors on an outdated vanity, and the worse part - celestial painting throughout. The baby was so bright that it left an imprint on your corneal lens when you closed your eyes you could still see the exact color.

So we took the plunge. Really what that stems down to is this. You open your bank account and allow the reno gods to take all your money and don't even wait until you have lipstick on to *F* you out of it.

Sad, but true story.

No reno has gone as plans. In no house, in no time zone, in no family has a house reno: A) stuck to budget....B) was flawless.....C) produced sex at the end of the night. What it does produce is this....

1) dust beyond anything one can imagine
2) knowledge of all isles at Home Depot, Rona and Canadian Tire
3) conversations that revolve around sub floors, toilet paper rolls and other mind numbing things
4) four people sharing a bathroom located in the master bedroom, unflushed toilets and toothpaste gobs in the sink
5) excitement when we pick out a toilet that has a half-flush capibility
6) removal of your newlywed hubby for nights on end
7) huffing and puffing in bed, but not because of anything hot and heavy, but because you had to remove the drywall piece before you could go to sleep
8) constant draft because the attic is exposed
9) the decision that "while we are at it" then produces a closet overhaul
10) two toilets, two vanities, various bits and pieces, rubbish and crap in the backyard
11) realization that this is alright, because it is not in your house anymore
12) did I mention that there is dust everywhere?

Reno, be done.

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crunchy said...

Which is why I laughed at the realtor showing a townhome that hadn't been updated since it had been built in 1983.

I said it would take around $50K to renovate it..he said 'oooh no..way less.'

Bull twaddle...there were 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, light fixtures and TIN closet doors to replace..

And they still wanted a half mil for the place.

Vancouver is wacked.

I want a house that everything is pretty!!!