Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rainy day blues

OK, got em. Got the rainy day blues. Seems as though Mr. Weather Man needs to issue us a water restriction here on the Island. Only 40 hours of sunshine so far this month of March. If I would have known it to be this bad I would have stocked up on lumber and built myself an ark. At least then me and the girls would have something to do. Here are some reasons why I hate rain
*I hate my pantleg bottoms wet
*I hate wearing a hood, but think that carrying around a Hello Kitty umbrella is more my style
*no outside play for the daycare kiddies
*rubber boots are the black hole for socks - then little kiddies feet stink after they wear them
*fuzzy hair (mine is naturally curly, which quickly becomes naturally obnoxious when you add rain
*feet have been in socks far too long
*dirt, dirt and wet dirt on my hardwood floors
*I have had enough arts and crafts
*Hay's new bike has yet to be rode (ridden??)
*gray, gloomy skies which add further insult by showing the daffodils blooming and the cherry blossom trees all aglow.
*I on-line shop for scrap supplies far too much......

Which season are we actually in?


Anonymous said...

I'm singin' those blues right along with ya girlfriend. I HATE wet pantlegs!!!!! ARG! I've taught Amanda "Rain rain go away" and "It's raining it's pouring"...those are two songs every Wet Coast girl should know...Grass sure is green tho EH?

LKW said...

Wet pantlegs, HUGE pet peeve!
And wearing glasses in the rain is a total pain. Here's to some sun!

Lynn Barry said...

Ready for the funny farm, are ya? The kids not getting out is enough to drive you insane...sunny days ahead, I HOPE. It is sunny here, does that make you feel better or worse? Love your writing. HUGS

the queen said...

ya, I'd take snow over rain any day.
We'll do a sundance for you.

Lynn Barry said...

We're in the soggy season...hopefully drier weather cometh your way. HUGS