Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gotta love dirt!

While we dug up our entire front yard to get ready to landscape on Sunday, Quinn sat silently and ate dirt. It was in her teeth, caked on her jeans, all under her fingernails, and shaped like a goatee on her face. It was hilarious. She kept tipping the bucket up to her mouth and saying, "yum, dellicioso (aka the Spanish word for delicious, from Dora*).Well, at least she entertained herself.
Filling up for a second course of yummy dirt!
Come on mommy, why won't you give me a kiss? huh, what is wrong? What is not to love about that face!


the queen said...

I wonder how many calories are in dirt? Maybe I should be eating it too. She makes it look like it would taste really good.
Can't believe how long her hair is! I am so jealous.

Melanie said...

HAHAHAHHA eww! LMBO!! I bet someday she'll look at that and say "OMG GROSS!" lol
What a silly girl! I have to agree with Queen, I really enjoy her long hair.. it's adorable!

Lynn Barry said...

OH MY GOD what a sweetie pie, or mud pie. HUGS!