Saturday, January 13, 2007

3:18 am and a new armband

Why is it that little toddlers are hardwired to wake up at the same time each and every night? We took Quinners' bottles away and since then she has been awaking once every night. Right on the 3:18am button. I could set my alarm to it. All she needs is a cuddle, a walk back to her room (damn big girl bed that she can get out of) and a new tuck in. Then a goodnight and bingo, she is good to go back to sleep. Me, on the other hand, needs a bit of pursuading. Back under covers, get the cold side of the pillow, roll Roger on his side (snoring) and concentrate more on sleep and less on the upcoming events of the day: read here: bills, groceries, appointments, etc. I am a mental planner, and in turn this makes me MENTAL.

Quinn also had to go the OT that dealt with her burn and it's prognosis. She was fit for a neoprene arm band that she had to wear for 6 months, which will help to flatten the scar. She did not seem fazed by it at the OT's office, but when we had to put it on after the bath last night, you would think that one of us was ripping her fingernails off one by one. The screaming coming out of this pint size wonder was incredible. It was enough to actually have me have to restrain her and Roger put on the band. It turned out she was less interested in the band and more mad about the fact that she was no longer holding the special cream in her hand. After peace was restored it was like nothing happened. Roger and I are looking at each other in anticipation of a good stiff drink to suddenly appear, and Hayley is hiding out in her room until the ear-drum-breaking scream subsides. Toddlers are a mystery...

On a happy note, today is the first day for Hayley to be in Canskate Advanced! She was approached on Wednesday and asked if she would like to move up with all the BIG kids, and of course she jumped at the chance. I am very proud of her, and although it involves an increase in fees and a private lesson (I will deliver papers to make it work financially for her!!!!) I know that it is a HUGE plus in the self esteem. To know that she has progressed enough in such a short amount of time is so encouraging. As a mom, my opinion is biased at best, but this is something that I am so very proud of her at!

I also finished two layout pages in my scrapbook yesterday. I am waiting with baited breath until my ebay order of my Winter Album arrives, lets hope that it comes this week as my Scrap Crop day is on Sunday, January 21st. Poor Roger, he has lost the floor portion of his office due to me laying out each page, with paper, embellishments, and journaling, just waiting to put it in the book. Cannot wait!


Anonymous said...

Yes, toddlers sure are a mystery. Hope the 3:18am comes to a halt very soon. Congrats to Hayley for getting chosen for the advanced team!!! I'd love to see her skate some day. Talk soon..(((HUGS))

the queen said...

Me too, I cannot wait to see it all. (can I see it?).
Yay to H for her dedication to skating. Guess it runs in your family.
Sorry that Q is waking up. Can't help you there, B started doing it too for a week and then it stopped as quickly as it started. My theory is a growth spurt and being hungry, since she would actually tell us, half asleep, "hungry". Anyway, the arm is looking good.

LKW said...

Yay Hayley. Good for her. And Quinn's arm looks like it's healing well. Can't wait to see your layouts.