Saturday, January 06, 2007

101 things in 1001 days

I have been tagged, so here it goes.

1. hug my girls every day
2. have Hayley read to me each night
3. listen, really listen
4. tell my loved ones how I feel
5. embrace my Celiac, and know that it is a part of me
6. tell my mom how I feel about how she raised me, she did a grand job and needs to know
7. get to know Roger's family
8. plan our "day" the Vegas way
9. find the dress I love to wear that day
10. scrap book more
11. scrap less
12. talk to others how I wish to be talked to
13. ask for help
14. actually take an interest in GI Joes (god help me)
15. get a tattoo (3rd one)
16. open my mind to new ideas
17. hang out with Liz more
18. work less at Moxies
19. pay off a debt
20. walk to school with Hayley more
21. learn to do the monkey bars with her
22. learn to bake gluten-free
23. don't buy as many clothes
24. live simply
25. see more of my neighbourhood
26. see more of my city
27. enrich myself in the arts
28. deny negativity
29. be an optimist
30. learn to smile again
31. learn to love my hair (eek)
32. buy second hand when at all possible
33. denounce Walmart as an acceptable place to shop
34. support small businesses
35. get to know my neices
36. introduce Hayley and Quinn to their cousins
37. hang out with Missy and Tanya more
38. eat something new
39. date Roger
40. watch "Breakfast at Tiffanys"
41. get a new digital camera
42. buy a new piece of pottery from a Farmer's Market
43. buy Organic
44. eat more vegetarian food
45. hike Mt. Finlayson
46. camp ONCE in a tent with the girls
47. visit Tofino again
48. be pampered at the spa
49. have my taxes done by an accountant
50. potty train Quinn
51. ride my bike with Hayley
52. beat ROger at bowling on the Nintedo Wii
53. build a deck out back
54. cherish friends
55. ask for help
56. learn to not be embarrased about my teeth
57. paint our bedroom
58. go to Saxe Pointe and take photos
59. savour an ice cream cone
60. worry less
61. laugh more
62. let loose
63. be slow to anger
64. drink tea more, and coffee less
65. friends : re-unite myself to them
66. be a better friend
67. skate with Hayley
68. read "All the Hippos go Beserk" every night to Quinn (her fave)
69. go to Fairview
70. plan our summer holiday
71. smile, with my new smile
72. hold hands with Roger more
73. run the Garden City 10k (or at least run)
74. rollerblade
75. forgive Earl
76. file for divorce
77. scrapbook my album about me
78. update my will
79. recycle more
80. drive less
81. listen to more music
82. update my Ipod
83. learn to live on a budget
84. BUT - buy some kick ass shoes
85. be happy with what I have
86. increase Celiac awareness
87. volunteer more
88. go to the library more
89. get to know Hayley at school
90. garden again
91. ask my mom to help me with my flowers
92. take more photos
93. in turn - scrapbook the memories
94. play silly games
95. have a manicure and pedicure before the summer
96. go to the movies
97. pay a babysitter
98. love myself
99. love my partner
100. love my kids
101. forgive, forget, move forward


Anonymous said...

Some good choices there my remind me a lot of myself. Great Pisces minds think alike. ((HUGS))

LKW said...

That's quite the list. Good luck with conquering all 101.

Melanie said...

This is a wonderful list! You can do it! :)

Missy said...

Nice List!! I will hang out with you whenever you would like. Let's plan a day in downtown Victoria and Chinatown with the kids; we can come over for the day! Hugs...

Daurella said...

Great list! Very inspiring.