Saturday, December 15, 2007

I CARE a LOT bear.

Has to hold the sign so we know what she is.

Hayley and her dad, Earl.

Hayley had her first ever skate carnival today, and I, brave as I am, decided to video tape it off my camera. Without reading any instruction manual. Without really focusing on what i was doing. With about 5 seconds to spare before I had to go back and put skate guards on the other care bears. For those of you that don't know, she is the one in the gray track suit, with "Christmas tree bear" so carefully made on the front. Also, the one with the tail glued on upside down. One of the older skaters ever so "nicely" pointed that out.

So basically, readers, you get to see her skate round and round in a circle, practicing her "I am the Queen wave" and looking damn cute.

Author note - I made that costume. Add glue gun to my list of wants. Along with a new vacuum cleaner. Not dollar store variety. I am just pleased that no one tripped on the sequins that fell off during the making of this video.


LKW said...

Very cute! I'm impressed with the quality of the video too. Good job mom!

Annamarie said...

looks good and you didn't even shake once. My videoing usually looks like that of a drunk person.