Monday, November 27, 2006


Here is Quinn in her FIRST ever snow!!! Even when we went to Quesnel for Christmas last year, it was GREEN!!! She is all bundled up in Hayley's old snowsuit.
Just one part of the driveway, it is up to her knees. She got worn out real fast and from here on in, I had to pick her up.
Not exactly sure what to think of this. That is ok Quinners, I think that speaks for all of Victoria.
How is that for a face?
Catching the snowflakes right out of the sky!

Well, it came. We shut down. We are officially on an island now. We have no passable highway, we have no buses running, no flights out, no ferries running - and for 50,000 homes - no power.

We are the lucky ones here in View Royal (our suburb), as we have not lost our power, and really, we have no need to go anywhere. We are finally eating the fruit from the summer that I froze - yummy smoothies - and our freezer has lots of meat and veggies as well. We have loads of milk, movies, diapers, and hot water - so today is no different than any other day, other than the winter wonderland that is outside the window. Now, I grew up in Quesnel, where we had plunging temperatures all winter, and I find it cold here. We are sitting at -10, but for us in the garden city, it is chilly. I am actually wearing socks and long pants today!!!!!

Hayley, on the other hand, is not so lucky, or maybe she is the luckiest one of all!! She is at Carole and Eric's (her grandparents) who live in Prospect Lake. The have fallen trees, power has been out since 4pm last night, and over 3 feet of snow. Her boots are here!!!!! From what I hear, she is doing more than fine, with bbq steaks, baked potatoes and beans cooked over the wood stove, lots of candlelight and board games. Not to mention snow forts, snow princesses and time spent with those that love her. In my selfishness I hope that she will be able to make it out tomorrow.


the queen said...

WOW, that's a lotta snow. Bundle up and enjoy, who knows when you will see it again.

Melanie said...

That IS a lot of snow! Holy COW! We don't even have a flake of it here, and usually we get a lot more than you people do!!

Quinn looks adorable in her little snowsuit! I wish we could come over and play! :)

LKW said...

When I live (briefly) on the island I would have little panic attacks at night after the last ferry had set sail. Can't imagine being totally cut off. Husband has been taking the suv to work so we're left without a vehicle and that took some getting used to. Glad to hear you have all the necessities...and power.

Anonymous said...

Hayely's power outage experience sounded lovely. Love the pics of Quinn. At least she stayed out there for a bit. 'Manda hates it LOL! It sure is purdy though isnt it? Enjoy it while it lasts...

Anonymous said...

Quinners is the cutest little girl on the West coast. Love the pics.