Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Antics with the kiddies

Look everyone! Even I dressed up - I was a SKULLITON as Hayley called me. This was a costume that my mom added to the dress up box for Hayley, I am sure that it has seen many a Hallos' Eve. It was very warm, which was good, because here in sunny Victoria it dropped down to +1! Hayley was a mermaid from Mermaidia (with two sweaters, tights, leggings, and boots on underneath so the full effect of the costume could be had) and Quinn was a ladybug..........well what did you expect? Each of my kiddies have to be ladybugs at one time or another!
Here she is, all bugged out. Eating a lolly. She thought that all of trick or treatin' was finished when she got her first lolly. She was done. Had no idea that she could keep on going and get more and more! She is only interested in the lollies in the bag as well. Aren't the bags cute - my mom made them for the girls last year!
A very serious mermaid. Thinking about what?
Just some of the kiddies that we went out with. There was a power ranger, spider man, a fairy a witch, a mermaid and a ladybug. Great company!
I threw this one in for good measure. It is me and the girls at the Government House pumpkin night. There were over 400 pumpkins on display. Interested, if not real.

Had a great Halloween. Made out with a ton of candies. Girls were happy and strung out on sugar and anticipation all night. Those were the days! I remember going out in Quesnel, with my dad or mom in the warm car, travelling down Lombardie, Cypress and Dogwood, with the pillowcase in tow. Then we were off to the bonfire at the Kin Hall with hotdogs and hot chocolate. In THOSE days there was usually snow on the ground for trick or treating. A great holiday, and we live in the perfect place for it - not only do we have 50 townhouses in our complex, there are 63 in the one next door. That is 113 potential treat houses! When we came home that night our bowl that we left on the step with all the candy in it - still had some in it! Talk about a great neighbourhood!


Anonymous said...

OH fun!! I love the costumes!! Amanda's fave was her lolly too! Time for Christmas now, yay!

the queen said...

My initial thought when I saw you in costume was, "OMG, it's Steph". Boy are you two looking alike now. Glad you guys had fun. Can't wait to see you all, counting down the sleeps.

Sherri said...

Great pics. Quinn and Haley look so awesome. So do you BTW!!!! LOL Hope you guys had fun!!