Sunday, January 13, 2008

Celebration of Life

Today was Roger's dad's celebration of life, held in the Sooke Legion. We left the house in plenty of time, which was good, as Quinn decided to throw up in the van about 5 minutes out of Sooke. She had to ride the rest of the way in her shirt, and underwear and shoes. In a different car seat. With the van having the distinct aroma of bile. YUCK. Nothing like being all dressed up and attempting to clean barf up with gas station paper towels all the while attempting to maintain composure and patience. It is all good. There is a great consignment store in Sooke that looked after us, and Quinn looked awesome for her Papa's day.

The celebration was great. There was an awesome turn out, with last count being 275 people. That is 275 people that Gilles touched in some way. That made my heart swell. Quinn and Hayley pinned poppies on the cross in remembrance of him, and there were nary a dry eye when the letter from his mom in Quebec was read. A lovely tribute to an awesome man.

Thank you to all who thought of us today, sent us warm wishes and attended the service. Roger and I appreciate all of you, knowing that you were there for us made the day easier to get through.


Annamarie said...

glad that it went well (other than the puking)

Lea Ray said...


annie said...

Hi! I invited you! Hope you can come over & get reacquainted. My condolences to your family for your loss. My grandma passed away in Dec. also.