Friday, November 02, 2007

Photos of the scary day!

Picasso the Pumpkin

Quinn's pumpkin

Trick or treating princess

Hayley's dad and his mask of horror!

Princess Quinn in all her glory

Me (doctor Michelle), Hayley (princess Leah) and Quinn (pink princess) goofing off.

Hayley as Princess Leah

The daycare kiddies

So Halloween was a great success. Quinn had moments of nervousness with dark doorways and smoky areas, but other than that she was a trooper. As for Hayley, she looked awesome in her Princess Leah costume - and managed to bring in over 125 candies for her dining pleasure and my dental bill's demise this year.

I dressed up as a doctor, and the girls loved it! It was a fun costume, and I have to admit, it started as something that I did for the girls, and now do for me as well.

We had a daycare party through the day and they all had fun. We danced to crazy Halloween music and ate orange popcorn with spiders in it. Then mellowed out and watched "Dora's Halloween".

I am thankful there are no more candy ridden holidays until Christmas. Although, have to admit, like those chocolates that are filled with baileys.


Lea Ray said...

Love the pictures. I have trouble getting into Halloween, I think it's because we never get any trick or treaters. But I always seem to have lots of Halloween candy just in case...and of course it's always all of my favorites. Hugs.

AK said...

I have only one question - if your chocolates are filled with Bailey's then just where the heck have you been Trick or Treating??????

The girls looked very good as did Dr. M. Do you make house calls?