Sunday, August 05, 2007


I always knew that motherhood would be more rewarding than anything else that I would accomplish. That it would outshadow any relationship. That it would pay nothing, have moments of doubt, and be wrought with sleepless nights of questioning of the right way.

No one told me it would be hilarious as well.

My daughters are funny. Rib tickling, belly holding, cheek hurting FUNNY. They both say the most hilarious things. Here are some of them.

Quinn crawls into bed with me. Snuggles. I roll over and say good morning. Her reply is that my breath smells like cherries. "I don't like cherries, mom." Fine. Get out then.

Quinn climbs to the top of the slide. The old fashioned kind, metal and steep. The kind that I used to navigate in the 70's. I coax her up. She reaches the top and I thought for sure that she would not want to slide down. I was correct. She stood at the top of the narrow slide, and announced that....."I climbed up here to me mom".

Hayley wants to come with me running. So she gets out her bike to ride along side. Her and I are crossing the bridge to run along the water and she asks me what birds eat. I reply, (to the best of my knowledge" that they eat worms, grass, wheat, bread and food from the garbage can. She then asks me if one "poops in my mouth would I have a celiac reaction, as what birds eat is not gluten-free". Like I would care about my intestines when I have bird crap in my teeth.....

Quinn is on her way upstairs and Roger announces that she has to have a bath tonight. Without missing a beat, she says, "I would rather have a bath on Sattaday"

She gets in the tub and comes down stairs to show me how clean she is. I give her a big hug and tell her that her hair smells wonderful - so clean. Again, without missing a beat, she says, "wanna smell my bumm, it is clean too?" Umm, thanks, I will pass...

Hayley thinks she has died and gone to heaven when we can have a treat at her favorite place. Importans. (Tim Hortons)

Quinn thinks that movies are called DVDV's.

They make me laugh. Which is a not such a bad thing.


the queen said...

it's a good thing that they are cute huh or we may sell them off on eBay.

Lea Ray said...

I love it. My husband and I were outside the other day with our cats. And I had to get up every five minutes and untangle and stop the fighting between them. And my husband asked me this is what kids would be like. And my reply was "yes only without backtalk". I so enjoy your stories of your children.

Lynn Barry said...

You got that right...out of the mouth of babes...priceless. HUGS

LKW said...

I too think I've hit the jackpot when we get 'importans'
Mmmm chocolate iced cap with a shot of mint. Mmmmm