Saturday, August 18, 2007


The morning that we left for Parksville one of the bulbs in the bathroom burned out. Not so bad, as we had two others in good working order.

Until we arrived home and HP turned on the light and only one worked. She peed in a bathroom with about as much light as a nightclub washroom, all dim and hazy and I made a mental note to go to Canadian Tire (about a 3.5 second dash from our door) and purchase some new halogen bulbs.

Then I got used to the dim surroundings. Dust bunnies did not seem so scary in this light. Shaving your legs in the shower was done by feel alone (really, who feels up ankles anyhow??), and when your put your makeup on in the morning you look good enough to go dancing....I thought this light was pretty darn flattering. Even before I had a glass of wine and had to squint about 2 inches from the mirror to see my reflection.

Tuned on the light a few days ago and saw the light flicker. Knew that I did not want to wipe my potty training daughter's bumm in the dark, nor did I have any desire to explain to guests why they had to pee in the dark, we journeyed to Canadian Tire. OMFG! Try $20 for four bulbs. I just about had to change my panties. That is highway robbery. I paid the lady, trudged home and put the damn bulbs in.

My discovery? All the while of being in the hazy darkness, a dark hair was growing out of my chin. A coarse, ugly, makes-me-feel-ancient hair. One that I could see plain as day when three working bulbs were screwed into my fixture. For the second time in one day I just about sported a new pair of panties. What does a girl to do? Tweeze the thing out...only to make it grow back coarser and uglier? Leave it alone and hope that it does not poke out eyes during cuddles? Encourage two of it's buddies to grow beside the first only to be able to braid them and pass it off as a new fashion accessory?

Nope. Just unscrew two bulbs and forget you even saw the thing.


Melanie Anne Olson said...

I say pluck the damned hair. I, for the record, never saw it and if I had, I would have poked fun at your inability to grow facial hair!

Lynn Barry said...

Shave it off, join the ya