Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summer camp

Well, the calender says summer, but ol' Mother Nature seems to be telling a different story. Fall. The nights are cool, the days are bleak, and the swimming pool has a disgusting scum floating on the top. I think that I like the extreme heat better. I am tempting fate and just wearing shorts today for the hell of it. That and a sweater.

So HP decides that she has the horse bug. She rode horses at my Aunt and Uncles in Kamloops and since then has been a bit horse-crazy. So I thought I may sign her up for horse camp. Hopefully that was a fleeting thought, one that I did not intend on acting on, as I recieved the email back from the stables, and almost crapped my pants. I thought skating was expensive....well one week of horse camp costs over $500!!!!! A bit rich for my blood. A bit more than rich. I can see it now, HP rolling up to camp in the van, with daycare kiddies spilling out the sides, with her bike helmet (like I could afford a riding hat with that expense), jeans and my "fancy boots" on. That would be all we had in the house. Then coming home from a day of mucking the stables and rubbing elbows with the rich kids for a yummy dinner of beans. Maybe weiners and beans if Roger happened to do some work on someone's computer for some extra money that week.

Needless to say, no horse camp for HP. I think the $60/week camp at the local rec center will suffice. Stringing beads, playing kick the can, lunch at the park to perfect the monkey bars, and some swimming in a good ol' public pool. What could be wrong with that?

Plus then we actually get to eat that week.


LKW said...

Ouch! For one week? Imagine if they had to supply their own horse!

Lynn Barry said...

I hear ya...camps are great, but downsizing the fun can be just as beneficial. Can of beans in the back yard, any one? HUGS