Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rainy Saturday

So on a rainy Saturday what should you do? I recommend going to the movie theater with a toddler to see "Shrek the Third". Why wouldn't you? Actually, all kidding aside, Quinners did well. We met Hayley and her dad there ( will wonders ever cease ) and had a ball! Quinn laughed while she sucked on a sucker and drank her slushy drink. I really did have fun. Plus it was raining, so that only means one thing around here on a my house!

I am busy reading two books right now, one of which is capturing more of my attention than the other. One is the 6th book in the Harry Potter series; The Half Blood Prince, while the other is a Oprah Book Club one, We Are the Mulvaneys. Both are good, in their own right, but I have to admit, I am enjoying Harry's adventures much more. Just getting ready for the final installment due to be shipped to my house on it's release date by

I cannot believe that HP only has 3 weeks of school, and three weeks until I am in Vernon for my cuz' wedding. Sort of a family reunion on my mom's side as well. Should be a ton of fun, as my cousins and I have a lot in common. Cannot wait for the girly road trip with HP and Quinners as well.

Just an update on my life, seems as though blogging is taking a back seat, but I am still alive and all is well.

Back to square one with potty training as well, seems as though it was a one-off thing. Summer is coming (fingers crossed) and we will naked potty train her then.

Toodles friends.

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the queen said...

we loved Shrek 3. raining here too. no cleaning going on though. I hear ya on the potty training, it's been hit and miss, mostly miss lately.