Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Saving the best

HP, Quinners, and my niece- Cadie- and myself in December

Who do you save your best for? Is it for company? The daycare moms that come to pick up at the end of the day?

Is it for your OWN children?

I am questioning this a bit as of late. I know that my children mean the world to me. I know that I am blessed beyond measure of even having the possibility of being their mom. I know that they are precious, strong and resilient.

But do I save the best of ME for them? Or do they get stuck with leftovers?

For me, it is easier to have the mean voice with my own children than with the daycare kiddies. I know that I have the opportunity to be better - to make better choices, to speak softer, to love louder and hug harder. Do I take the opportunities given to me though?

We have "huggies and kissies" every night when HP and Quinners and myself talk about our day. We talk about the good and the bad. Our favorites. Usually their faves are when someone shared a toy at preschool or if HP gets a turn on the whirley-twirley at school. My faves are when the laundry makes it into the bin or someone brought their dish into the kitchen.

If I look at my life, in faves, my faves should ALWAYS be being their mom. Not that they went to bed so I can have some quiet time. Not that they ate their lunch so I don't have to waste food and throw it away. Not that they came when they were called - but instead played until they did not want to anymore and then came in to see me.

I need to love well. I am in love with my kids - but am working on saving the best love for them.

After all - they save their best love for me. Every day.

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Melanie Olson said...

I just want to know that I check out this site EVERY DAY for a new post... where oh where are the new posts my friend??? Okay. Maybe just write a book and I will buy it to read over and over...