Tuesday, February 03, 2009

On love and reruns on tv

Do you think marriage changes a person, or do you think that a person changes marriage?

That is a tough one. All I know is that since meeting and marrying Roger (the latter is only 2 months old, so I speak from all of my 5 week experience) - my "person" has changed.

Marriage is a promise that you make to each other every day. With Roger, this is what I promise:

1) I promise to listen to you talk about GI Joes - but don't ask me a question in a quiz - I am not listening THAT close.

2) I promise to agree that EVERY colour/shade/spectrum of the rainbow has green shades in it. Even when it does not. But you see it that way, and refuse to realize that white is not green. Nor is black. Green is green.

3) I promise to pick up your towel - if you pick up mine. Usually it is mine on the floor as you are too damn neat for your own good.

4) I promise to not tell anyone about the less than flattering photos of yourself if you promise not to share with the facebook world any of me in less than perfect posture.

5) I promise to be the driver, if you let me pick my music once in a while.

6) I promise to let you be the head of the family - as long as you know that I am the neck. As everyone knows - the neck supports the head and allows it to turn when it wants!

7) I promise to scan the isles of Toys R Us when you want.

8) I promise to always love you, listen to you, and hold your hand.

Roger really is the best. He allows me to be me. He lets me win arguments. He bought us a house and allowed me free reign of decorating it. He knows that I love hanging out with the girls, going to the gym, seeing my friends and having baths. He lets me do it all without complaining, or interrupting. I really do love him. He is one of the few individuals in my "now" friend life that has seen photo evidence of me at over 185 pounds. He thinks I still looked great. (We got him some glasses after that!).

Marriage the second time around is different. You know what you are getting into. I know that I fell in mad love with a frog. Who is a prince. But, man, can he be a frog when he wants to. He also knows that I am a beeotch when the moon is at a certain height, and he stays clear. In fact, he takes the girls and the dog away from the house to protect them too. But, we do the dishes together every night. We watch bad tv. We talk, we read, we sing in the van - usually to kid songs, but I digress. We are comfortable with each other, but not ever complacent. I know when he needs to be alone, and I also know when he has been alone ENOUGH and come and get him to join us.

For those of you that saw the frog and the princess get married on December 6th know that there does not need to be an answer to the question. Love is really all the answer you need.


Don't Lick The Ferrets! said...

What a sweet post! I don't know the answer to the question that began the post, but I did enjoy your answer! Very sweet!!

Lynn Barry said...

HEY HEY! Amen to the tribute to marriage with the right soulmate...SO HAPPY FOR YOU! HUGS

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

how sweet! (and how did you lose all the weight?!) thanks for visiting my post on 5 minutes for humor!