Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tribute to the man I love

Roger, I love you, and dedicate this blog entry to you.

How do I love you (I wonder that myself...) just joking.....

I love that you loved me when it was forbidden - cuz I was your boss and you were my employee.

I love you that you loved Hayley from the start.

I love you because you are an individual, and make me look inside of appearances and see what people are inside. Outside you are a grouchy, tattooed, argumentative, opinionated frenchman, while inside you are a dimple sporting, quiet, supportive, loving, great dad, kindhearted, gentle man. Thank you.

I love you because you let me buy a million strollers and still let me vent that they are not the one that I am looking for.

I love you that when you look at less than perfect pictures taken on my expensive camera that you say that it is a camera issue - not an operator one.

I love you because you love me since my oral surgery.

I love you because you eat my gluten free disasters, all the while keeping silent, and then saying, "well that was not my favorite". Gross, mine neither.

I love you because you remember that M&M's are gluten free and smarties are not.

I love you because you bath Quinn, and she loves it that way. You also cut her hair, her nails and hold her hand. You taught her how to wash her hair with a bowl, and for that I am eternally thankful.

I love you because you only want the best for this family.

I love you when we kiss standing up, just because there is not a lot of height difference between us.

I love you because you think that a holiday for us includes going to Quesnel.

I love you because you talk me off the ledge. And that you let me talk you off the ledge as well.

I love you because you let me be a packrat.

I love you because you see the value in having time spent at home.

You are content to be just with me, and for that I love.

Roger, I love you.

Vegas anyone?


Fab Grandma said...

heck, I shoulda put a pic of Jim on my post. Dang it, I forgot the best part.

Your Roger sounds like a truly great guy.


Annamarie said...

some very nice words for your very nice guy. hope you had a fab V-Day. (I can't help it, it's my favorite Holiday)

Lynn Barry said...

My god I love your guy too...what a sweetheart...HUGS

Barbara Doduk said...

Awwww what a sweet tribute.

(PS Came here from Wet Coast Women)