Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An ode to 2008

I will blog out the year, with my resolution to once again blog in 2009.

For my faithful two comment readers, and to a certain someone who mentioned that she missed it. Get that? While she was busy running her queendom, wearing a plastic tiara and coveting that ring - she missed me.

Quote to end the year:

Funny how that the common knowledge is to live each day as it was your last. Would this not mean that we would all be so busy trying to do everything, heal hurts, ask for forgiveness, get each hug and kiss in from our loved ones, making lists of "bucket stuff", and being full of regret that we would miss out?

I ask instead that we live each day as it was our FIRST. With open eyes. With calm hearts. With an open mind. To help. To hold. To love. You have nothing to compare it too, as it is your first day! Do it all - with utter abandonment. You will instead enjoy each moment, love each word spoken, and have no regrets.

Then when we go to sleep, we say our "I love yous" and rest our head and sleep in peaceful slumber.

Awaken - and repeat.

Happy New Year.

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