Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Break Gymnastic Camp

Hayley in the foam pit.
Waiting patiently for her turn to swing on the rope and land in the foam pit.
Crawling OUT of the foam pit.
Swinging on the overhead bars.

We put HP in the gymnastic camp over the Spring Break. It was a godsend. It was from 9-4 for Monday-Thursday and she LOVED it. I loved it because she was off having fun with other kids and I did not have to be an entertaining idiot for four days. I also loved it because it tired her out that she was in bed sawing logs by 7:30 at night.

Spring Break bliss.


Annamarie said...

Aside from my slight problem with age-related vertigo, I would SO loved to have gone to gym camp!

Lynn Barry said...

My goodness it must be like seeing you grow up all over again...what a striking resemblance to you...amazing. HUGS