Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ok, Ok, we bought a friggen' HOUSE already!

Lucky #13

The backyard (but I already dream of a zen garden, with water falls, buddha greeting me, and lots of bamboo, potted plants and gettin' rid of the grass.

Note to self - take camera off cool mode.
This is the fireplace (see Buddha - I wanna make him mine!)

Totally blurry, but I was attempting to be incognito and take photos while the building inspector was doing his thing. This is the dining room looking into the kitchen.
Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, 1550 square feet, fireplace, walk in closet, and backyard.
It all it's ugly glory - it is ours.

The floors are new, the upstairs is redone, the kitchen makes me feel as though Austin Powers is going to walk in and say "groovy baby". It is being gutted asap. Rona has already been phoned and scheduled for a demo/redo/upgrade.

Breaking into the Victoria market is tough. This gem was on the market for 340K and we managed to be blessed enough to get it for 300K. Yep. 300K. Where I grew up, one could have bought a subdivision for that amount in the 1970's. So I learn to forget about the numbers, and look to the fact that we will own, have a mortgage and finally have broken into the market.

Just for the record, single family detached homes are ranging in price (for 3 bed/3 bath) from $450,000 - millions and millions.

The total upside is that we will be paying $43 more a month on a mortgage than what we are paying for here in the projects (oops, I mean the CO-OP).

June 23 cannot come fast enough.


LKW said...

Congrats! Happy renovating, can't wait to see some 'after' pictures.

Annamarie said...

So very excited for you. I can't wait for June either, cuz I wanna see your before (ok saw those) and after photos. Congrats guys

Lea said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting. I can't wait to see the after pictures of the kitchen.

Crunchy Carpets said...

Oooooh congrats to you!!!

Man...I cannot WAIT to be free of our little rental.

But now my darling dh needs to get another contract so we have steady income...


can't wait to see more pics!